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Dear Helping Hands user and LAC Family member,

We will be ceasing the Helping Hands website and print publication on Friday, August 3, 2018.

While the decision to stop this publication has been difficult and necessary, we did not come to it lightly. But as with all life cycles of products and services this publication does not exist in isolation of other needs, priorities and alternatives.

Over the past few years ad inclusion has declined by over 60-70%. There are numerous factors for this decline.

When Helping Hand began decades ago there were few alternatives to posting costly ads in newspapers and other print media. New digital and web-based opportunities like Craigslist, Next Door and other online options now exist that did not exist when Helping Hand was created which provide similar services.

What once began as a weekly volunteer-based publication increasing became a staff-resourced responsibility. These Internal resources have been consolidated and redirected to other more pressing areas.

While this publication has ceased, there is great potential for job and housing needs and other opportunities to be redirected to your small and mid-sized communities. If you are a member or attender of Lake Avenue Church, we urge you to get connected into one of those communities, not only for this need but for your spiritual and personal well-being. If you do not attend Lake and live locally, we encourage you to try us out. Finally, if neither apply to your situation, we encourage you to find a church home where you can be known and have your discipleship needs met.

We are grateful for the LAC staff who have maintained the Helping Hands systems for many years, maintaining the website and I.T. backend, vetting the HH ads, printing and distributing the printed copies. Their responsibilities have been shifted to other financial, web and print related duties.

We are also grateful to long-time member, Lil Walker, who volunteered for many, many years not only vetting the Helping Hands ads but also managing the LAC Tape & CD Resource Center, Prayer Ministries and many other areas that we are sure she lent a hand with - pun intended!

Thank you for using the Helping Hand publication, we wish you all the best.


Lake Avenue Church