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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the New Helping Hand Website!

This new website is intended to offer a better experience than the previous one, with additional online features that we hope will meet your needs. Although the Helping Hand is a weekly publication, it may not be available every week. We will continue to print a version of the ads on a weekly basis as much as possible, however we intend to move toward a digital format at some point in the future.

This website is first generation (1.0). While we have done our best to test it internally we know that issues will come up. For now, please don't worry about the location drop down menu. It it does not work. Also you can attach 3 pictures but no video files. Don't upload video files as it will not work. Please contact us at the link provided above or by clicking here.


Helping Hand is solely an informational service provided for members and friends of Lake Avenue Church by a volunteer staff. It is not to be considered as a recommendation, warranty, or endorsement.

  • You will be required to create a free account on the Helping Hand platform in order to use the services provided.
  • Each advertisement (ad) will run for one week (seven days) – which may be resubmitted/renewed each following week.
  • Ads from for-profit businesses or commercial entities can only be accepted for publication in the "Employment" and "Housing" categories. (That is, you're hiring, or you have rental properties available.)
  • Advertisements for social events, Bible studies or other theological or spiritual matters may not be placed in Helping Hand. Please connect with an LAC Pastor to discuss spiritual issues, events, small groups or Bible study needs.
  • Use of Helping Hand as a Social classifieds for purposes of dating, match-making or other relationship-based needs is strictly prohibited.
  • An individual may only submit one advertisement per category per week. The first ad placed will be used – all additional entries will be ignored and deleted.
  • Ads may only be placed via the web, faxed, dropped off in person, or mailed in using one of our forms. We will not accept phone messages or place your ad over the phone.
  • The weekly submission deadline is Tuesday at midnight. Ads placed after Tuesday may not appear until the following week.
  • You may add up to 3 images (no video files) along with your advertisement but those images will not appear in print.
  • We wlll not accept ads for multi-level marketing, stay-at-home or other job opportunities that require someone to provide monies up front, or look suspicious in any way.
  • Caution may be given about individuals (initiators or respondents) who do not meet contractual obligations or have had complaints logged against them.

  • Lake Avenue Church accepts no responsibility for e-mail or phone contacts made due to ads placed. If the person e-mailing requests funds, report the contact to LAC, but also report to the police or FBI. LAC does not support direct soliciting of funds through Helping Hand. Never give out banking or credit card information through e-mails or over the telephone.

  • Lake Avenue Church reserves the right to decline advertising from individuals or groups whose services we feel do not meet the need of users and about whom complaints are received - or who consistently abuse the requirements of this publication and our staff.

  • Lake Avenue Church reserves the right to edit, decline or discontinue running an ad at any time for any reason.
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